Warrior Custom Golf Complaints: Optin Golfer

Optin Golfer: Golfer and his Golf Club Are you looking for some great deals on cheap golf clubs? You must give OptinGolfer.com a try.

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Lob Wedge

OptinGolfer.com Specials:

OptinGolfer.com is the premiere source for Warrior Custom Golf equipment online. They specialize in "Pre-owned" Warrior Custom Golf clubs at extremely discounted prices. Here are some of their current deals on their Demo Warrior Custom Golf Clubs:

1. A FREE* set of "demo" fairway woods #3, 5, and 7 by Warrior Custom Golf - OptinGolfer.com is giving away a set of demo Warrior Custom Golf Fairway Woods for FREE* plus $39.95 shipping and handling. These Warrior Custom Golf Fairway woods feature 15, 21 and 24 degree lofts. These progressive shallow-faced Warrior Golf clubs feature specially designed shafts to provide a low center of gravity for increased control. Go to http://www.optingolfer.com/web/demo/WarriorDemoWoods/golf-wood-set.php to receive a set of Warrior Custom Golf Fairway woods FREE*.

2. A set of "demo" hybrid golf clubs (17°, 20°, 23°, 26°) by Warrior Custom Golf - Ever been in a situation where you did not know if you needed a fairway wood or an iron? Ever wanted to play a hybrid golf club that acts as both? With the Warrior Custom Golf hybrids, you can get the best of both worlds. Warrior Custom Golf hybrid golf clubs feature heads similar to that of a Warrior Custom Golf fairway wood for extra distance, but the shaft a Warrior Custom Golf iron to ensure control and accuracy. Go to http://www.optingolfer.com/web/demo/WarriorDemoHybrids/ to receive a set for only $49.95.

3. A "demo" titanium golf driver by Warrior Custom Golf - Do you need a titanium driver? You can purchase one for only $69.95 and experience Warrior Custom Golf technology. These drivers are designed to take you straight to the pin! Go to http://www.optingolfer.com/web/demo/WarriorDemoTitaniumDrivers/ to order a driver for only $69.95.

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